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Note: Please try to use a brand as similar as possible, as this will keep the experiment more consistent. However, we understand that sometimes certain brands or products are not available. If the product itself is not available, type 'NA' into the respective green response boxes.
  1. Cups (2 per student; 1 for water, one for tonic water)
    Dixie brand
  2. Paper towel or napkin (1 per student)
    Any brand
  3. Fresh cilantro (1 bunch)
    Grocery store brand
  4. Pitted Green Olives in Glass Jar (1 per student)
    "Haddon House Spanish Olives Pitted for Cocktails" (70 g jar contains about 28 olives)
  5. Fresh grape (or cherry) tomatoes (1 per student)
    Grocery store brand (1 dry US pint)
  6. Fresh Brussels sprouts (1/2 per student)
    Grocery store brand
  7. Fresh celery (1 1/2 inch chunk per student)
    Grocery store brand
  8. Sour Candy without gelatin (1 per student)
    "Ferrara Pan Lemonhead Fruit Candy" (170g)
  9. Dark Chocolate Hershey Kisses (1 per student)
    "Hershey's Kisses Brand - Special Dark Mildly Sweet Chocolate" (340 g contains about 72 chocolates)
  10. Tonic Water (1 tbsp per student)
    "Schweppes Tonic Water - Contains Quinine" (1 L)


Note: To ease distribution of food, student volunteers can each distribute one food item to the paper towel on each classmate's desk.
  1. Make sure that all students have access to water (whether in a provided cup or own bottle)
  2. Lay out one paper towel per student (folded in half or quarters)
  3. Place on paper towel in order from left to right:
    1. 1 leaf of cilantro
    2. 1 olive
    3. 1 grape tomato
    4. 1/2 raw Brussels sprout, cut lengthwise
    5. 1 chunk of celery, about 1/2 inch, avoiding either ends of stalk (or any whitish area)
    6. 1 piece of sour candy
    7. 1 piece of dark chocolate
    8. 1 cup with 1 tbsp tonic water
  4. If the student is allergic to any of the foods, instruct them to record "NA" on the survey instead of tasting the food.
  5. To calibrate the scale, relate the scale to something more familiar. A suitable reference in terms of light (instead of taste) can be:
    1. 'None': total darkness
    2. 'Barely': your bedroom when you're falling asleep
    3. 'Weak': dim restaurant
    4. 'Moderate': your classroom
    5. 'Strong': very sunny day
    6. 'Very Strong': looking at the sun
    7. 'Strongest Imaginable': standing on the sun
  6. Allow students to eat food and answer the survey at their own pace, drinking water in between each sample to rinse the mouth of the previous taste
  7. To download the results, click on the link below ('Click Here to access Survey Results') and a Google Doc will open. Click 'File', then click 'Download as', and then choose your preferred format.

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